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Sorry, Won Bin… LG Put Your CF in a Wrong Place…

When marketing to a woman, do not forget her husband. When marketing to a girl, do not forget her mother. When marketing to parents, do not forget their children. (Assoc. Prof. Hooi Den Huan, 2009 – NTU)

Oleh: Dwi Andi Rohmatika

It is actually an unfinished research driven from a silly question after watching LG advertisements in Indonesia. Well, what’s wrong with that? Yes, I realized that unique difference also after having a short discussion with Prof. Maykel. So, let me explain a little bit about this silly-yet-interesting matter.

So, what is wrong with Won Bin then? Does he make something weird in the commercial film (CF) or what? Well, no he doesn’t. But he himself in the LG advertisement is weird! Yet, I am saying this upon the Indonesian consumers’ point of view. I absolutely recognize that Won Bin is extremely well-known in Indonesia since he is a senior actor and his dramas are very famous (lets say, there were Endless Love, Hotelier, etc when I was a teens). However, the purchasing behavior in Indonesia is indeed “different” from what LG try to portray.

In marketing world, it has been known that opposite gender will attract another gender very well. That is why we often found out a beautiful-sexy-seducing model on the automotive showroom. Well, it does not necessarily relate to every kind of products. Of course you need a girl to advertise a lipstick or cosmetic products to other girls. But for some certain products, the “sex appeal” matters here.

Lets take the example of other electronics ads on TV screen in Indonesia, mostly using beautiful women appear; Kathy Sharon and Julie Estelle for Sharp fridge ads, Mulan for TV ads, Sherina for TV ads also, and Agnes Monica for LG TV ads few years ago. Well, all of them use women in their ads, don’t they? And I do think this is driven by one motive: most consumers in Indonesia are men! Well, it is men (or husbands) who act as decision makers for such electronic tools, though.
Abother TV Ads -Mostly Using Women Models in Indonesia

Personally, I think what makes LG uses this international ads in Indonesia is because of the Korean rising (or hallyu wave) in Indonesia. But, this trend mostly get “teens fever” and could not be generalized to all people in Indonesia. Although my mother might watch the Korean dramas, I don’t think she remembers the actor’s name. Or even I don’t think she realizes their appearances in any CF. So, I consider this matter as a second problem.

Well, no offense though. I don’t say that it is wrong to put such Korean faces on Indonesian ads. All they have to do is observe the consumers thoroughly and carefully examine the impact of the ads. The result of my skimming examination still see that put women on such ads is the best choices. So, giving the ads of Lee Young Ah (another model of LG) in Indonesia will be better.

Lee Young Ah -LG Ads
And to overcome the second problem I elaborate above, using the Indonesian artists as a brand ambassador is still much better to be recognized among people on their 20s-40s. Using Korean stars on ads could give best impact to teens (or people who are concerned as hallyu wave lovers). Therefore, as I said earlier, this article is just a raw hypothesis only. If any of readers could get any data about the numbers of LG TV sold before and after Won Bin’s CF in Indonesia, then it could strengthen (or destroy) this hypothesis. As what I know, Samsung also using Hyun Bin’s CF to advertise its TV. Is this action pulled out by the success of Won Bin’s LG CF or this ads is used because LG does? We don’t know the answer as long as the data doesn’t exist then.


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