Senin, 14 November 2011

Is Beauty Worth It?

Beauty gives enjoyment for someone seeing it. Boys love watching beautiful and sexy girls. Beauty enters girls' utility function not only through compliments and increasing demand for relationship, but also directly by pleasing their own eyes when standing in front of mirror or looking their pictures captured by camera.

Nothing irrational about someone's enjoyment over beauty. But many people fall into error of overweighting short-lived impact of it. It's like buying larger screen TV, once you're getting used to it, it no longer gives you much more enjoyment than your old smaller TV.

The overweighting on beauty makes people overspend on it. Girls overspend their money on on cosmetics and fashion. Boys overspend their effort on getting beautiful and sexy girls.

On the other hand, people underspend on other qualities which gives them long-lasting utility in relationship and achievement. These qualities include a good attitude, smartness, skills, integrity, deep care, sincerity, honesty, etc. Such qualities when possesed by female are often called inner beauty.

Unlike physical beauty, inner beauty doesn't fade out as people getting older. No matter how much one spends on cosmetic and plastic surgery, at best she can only delay the appearance of looking old.

That's why an overweighting toward physical beauty is not a good strategy of choosing live partner for boys. Perhaps boys can ignore some bad attitude of his girls because her beauty more than compensate it. But once her girls getting older, what's left is only her annoying behavior.

Neither are overspending money and effort a good strategy for girls to find her living partner. Using this strategy, what she gets will be a boy who love her more for physical attractiveness reason. She put risks of losing her boys once her attractiveness disappear when she is getting older. 

However, finding out inner beauty which someone has takes longer time than physical beauty. Physical beauty is immediately seen just by slightly looking at it. This gives more explanation on why people easilly get trapped on overspending toward physical beauty


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  1. well, that's why we were told to be sufficient in all matter in this life. just appropriate. not more, or less.

  2. not deny that inner beauty is a paramount, but deep inside I believe that people with inner beauty automatically beautiful outside & interesting (means good looking and people love to chat with etc)


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